Thursday, 27 May 2010

Casanova, the legendary lover... of food and drink

Casanova – the 18th century Nigel Slater?
Did you know that as well as being a famous womaniser and librarian, Giacomo Casanova was a prolific food writer?
Author Ian Kelly has dedicated a whole chapter of his award-winning biography of Casanova to the famous Italian’s career as a food writer, and will be talking about Casanova the gastronome at our Eat Your Words event on Saturday 5th at 2pm.
Ian is one of those people who seems to do the things he does very well. Along with his career as an award-winning biographer – he has also published acclaimed books on the world’s first celebrity chef, Anton Careme, and the famous dandy Beau Brummell – he is an award-winning actor, appearing in The Pitmen Painters at the National Theatre and as Hermione’s father in the Harry Potter films.
Come and meet Ian, along with Niki Segnit, Pete Brown and Elisa Beynon at The White Hart where they will discuss the challenge food and drink writers have in talking about flavour and taste. With only five different tastes on the tongue, how do you pin flavour to the page and bring it to life?
For tickets, click here, and for more about Ian Kelly click here.

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