Thursday, 3 June 2010

The Stokey LitFest Bar


So my wife decides to organise a literary festival, and in the main venue we can run our own bar, and I’m a beer writer… can you see where this is going?

The first ever Stokey LitFest has been organized with no start-up capital and only a tiny, cursory bit of funding.  In the worst-case scenario (which, thankfully, we’ve already left behind) we could have lost thousands on this.

So the fact that we’ve got our own bar is the difference between us making a massive loss and more or less breaking even.  So it’s absolutely wonderful that our drinks sponsors have been so kind to us.  Everyone I approached has donated stock, so I now hereby unveil Pete’s Litfest Bar!

Official LitFest gorgeous gin: Hendricks

Hendricks is a small batch-produced gin, infused with rose petals and cucumber, and served with a cucumber garnish rather than lime.  The Litfest G&T and the LitFest Gimlet will be our signature cocktails: fresh, cool and sophisticated, just like you wonderful people, the LitFest crowd.

Official LitFest local dark, malty ale: Redemption Urban Dusk

The Redemption Brewery opened in Tottenham, just up the road, in January this year.  Urban Dusk is a triumph: Chocolatey, malty, smooth and sensuous, it’s already turning heads at beer festivals around the capital.    

Official LitFest multi-award-winning, citrusy pale ale: Thornbridge Kipling

Longtime friends of the Stokey LitFest family, Thornbdrige have given us Kipling: a spritzy, refreshing yet flavoursome pale ale, brewed with Nelson Sauvin hops from New Zealand for an aroma any fan of Kiwi sauvignon blanc will love, fresh from being named Champion beer at last week’s Cambridge beer festival.

Official LitFest ultra-hip wheat beer: Otley O-Garden

Welsh brewer Otley believe real ale should have a much wider audience than it does, but for some people has an image that holds it back.  So their very cool brand that stands out wherever it goes.  O-Garden is – surprise – a wheat beer that bears a passing resemblance to a certain Belgian brand - a quenching wheat beer spiced with roasted orange peel, coriander and cloves.

Official LitFest quality imported Czech lager: Budweiser Budvar

Not to be confused with the American megabrand, this classic lager is imported direct from its home in Bohemia.  It does everything you want a lager to do with its crisp, refreshing bite, but in addition it has a wonderful grassy aroma, and hints of citrus and toast on the palate.

Official LitFest wonderfully flavourful Scottish redefinition of lager: Harviestoun Schiehallion

This lager from a small craft brewery in Scotland is so lovely that ale snobs who hate lager pretend it’s an ale so they can justify drinking it.  Crisp, dry and airy with a smooth, soft body and a beautifully fresh, grapefruity taste.

Official LitFest feelgood fruity cider drink of the summer: Koppaberg

Some people think cider should taste of apples.  Swedish cider maker Koppaberg like to break the rules.  It looks like being a hot weekend, so their Pear, Elderflower and Lime and Mixed fruit varieties should go down a treat!  

And finally… Offical LitFest Snack: Homemade sausage rolls from the Alma at Newington Green!

The Alma’s a lovely gastropub and their homemade organic pork and fresh thyme rolls are to die for.

We’ll also be stocking red, white and rosé wine, vodka and a range of soft drinks.  Anyone who makes or sells any of these who wants to give us some next year, please get in touch! 

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